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Caged Bird HR Solutions was founded out of need. Conversations around the evolution of HR have revealed that not only do employees not trust HR, but also that black and brown employees are having the worst experiences in the workplace. However, the conversation has not gone far enough. If employees do not trust HR, how many problematic experiences are going unaddressed? Who is helping them navigate these complex, high risk situations? How can employers truly make a more inclusive and equitable workplace when its most vulnerable employees are rarely engaging with the very function that is intended to protect them? 

Until now, marginalized employees had two choices: Engage with their company's HR department when they needed help with issues like racism, sexism, harassment, and discrimination, and microaggressions in the workplace and risk risking being negatively labeled, subjected to tropes, being gaslit,  denied promotions, delayed promotions, smaller pay increases, or even being fired. Or endure.  When the odds are stacked that high against them, many choose to endure. 

Now, employees have access to HR professionals outside of their workplace to advise them on how to best navigate problematic coworkers, managers, and cultures. We are focused equipping on employees with the tools, resources, and language needed to engage HR with confidence and get the best outcome for the employee, not the employer. Equipped with years of HR experience, we know how the system works, what language to use, and how to get the optimal result for you.

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