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Welcome to Caged Bird HR. I'm so happy you're here! I'm Cierra, the Founder and CEO. 

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My Story

Hey y’all!  


First of all thank you for being here and reading my story! I  was born on the Southside of Charlotte, North Carolina in August of 1991.  I was raised in a single parent home by my dad with my older brother.  Just the three of us. I was raised to understand the importance of an education so I   attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, graduating early and with honors. I majored in Political Science with a pre-law concentration for no reason other than Barack Obama was running for president and I wanted to deeply understand the history that I was living through. 


After undergrad  I got a job as a debt collector. I just needed a job and because I was blessed to not have student loan debt, it worked for me.   When I graduated my grandma gave me $1000 as a graduation gift. I took it and went on a backpacking tour of Europe after a friend told me that kids in Europe backpack all the time.  After that trip I was hungry for more. To see the world and understand how it works. Plus, the flexibility and $30,000 salary from my debt collection job allowed me to travel the world. I traveled to thirteen countries in a year before deciding to start my own travel business, Rookie Traveler Adventure Tours, LLC. I  took travelers on culturally enriched backpacking tours around the world before deciding to close the business to focus on my education and soon to be blossoming corporate career.

I went back to school to  get my Masters Degree in Human Resources from the University of South Carolina. After graduation I received a full time job offer from ExxonMobil Corporation where I held several roles as a Human Resources Business Partner. Two and half years later, I  was recruited by Google, where I spent almost two years in various roles. I currently work on Caged Bird HR full time, and live in  New York City.


I have always cared deeply about the African American community and have spent my short life constantly advocating for the advancement of black women in the workplace. My successful career in HR did not preclude me from racist, sexist, and unfair treatment in the workplace. However, my career in HR did position me to create better outcomes for myself. Now, I hope to educate others on their rights and possibilities  in the workplace and help the next generation of workers by helping to build more inclusive companies. 

Love and light always,

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.