Helping you balance compliance & care.

Starting and scaling a business is hard. Trying to create an anti-racist, inclusive company committed to doing the right thing is harder.  The demands on companies to be ethical and care about their employees is growing by the day. Caged Bird HR helps you find the delicate balance between compliance and care as you grow your business. We help small to medium sized businesses be competitive in the market by establishing a culture of care.

HR Audits

We provide  HR Audits, Employee Handbooks, COBRA/HIPAA, Safety and Worker’s compensation claims management, Family Medical Leave Act, OSHA, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and EEO compliance.

Training & Development 

 Workplace training can improve your Company’s culture – and Its bottom line. We will create custom, relevant, and complaint training programs to address the specific needs of your organization.


We work with you to design, develop and/or deliver an on-boarding program for your organization. Optimized to create a culture of inclusion.

DEI Consulting 

Struggling to attract or retain minorities? Want a more inclusive culture? Our integrated consulting model enables us to leverage fresh and relevant data to help your business attract and retain minorities.

HR Projects

We assist many companies on a per-project basis. Projects range from creating or revising an employee handbook and writing job descriptions to designing a robust performance management system and creating a competitive compensation strategy.

Recruiting Support

 Complete a targeted end-to-end review of your recruiting processes including reviewing Job Descriptions. We then implement strategies and technologies to gain operational efficiencies and shorten your cycle time, reduce your cost to hire and improve your quality of hire. 

What Our Clients Say

Daphany Sanchez, CEO Kinetic Communities Consulting 

Caged Bird HR's expertise on the dynamics of different organizational structures, employee management, and policies is a breath of fresh air. I hired CBHR to provide technical advisory services on developing an HR infrastructure that is supportive to a diverse company culture. From the first meeting, I was provided guidance on how to navigate complex situations, and recommendations on automation that increased business efficiency and improved my overall mental health and my own experience managing and running a company. I highly recommend working with Cierra as she puts a comprehensive -wholistic approach to every barrier you need to address.